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." this column by william saletan on "slate" who says, "cheer up, republicans, you should be happy. you're going to have a moderate republican president for the next four years. his name is barack obama. he's in the same mold," says william saletan, "as dwight eisenhower, richard nixon and gerald ford and he stands where the gop used to stand and will be standing once again." now, if you can see the tensions there that people are reading into and out of obama. >> i have a quite different perspective from william saletan. i think that actually president obama in passing his health law really took a big gamble. because he really wanted to complete the project that he saw as having been started, some could say 100 years ago, some could say with lbj with medicare and medicaid, it was very important to him. and so even when it was very clear that he was suffering some political consequences he thought, "it is crucial that we complete the welfare state in this way --" >> i agree with that. >> "and continue to build and enhance it." and i also think that frankly the model of the affordable care act is
, and william saletan and "slate" magazine has a piece saying he is, in fact, a moderate republican at heart. what do you think about that? >> i think, on the one hand, that's true. the moderate republicans still exist, they're just democrats now. and that's why the republican party has been distilled to its extreme. second, it certainly is true that, as you've written about and broadcasted about, there's a huge cleavage in the democratic party between essentially the wall street democrats and the more progressive democrats. and that's an important issue that affected our views the first obama administration and the second, too. however, i would contend that in most of my conscious lifetime, this is the most coherent the democratic party has been. i mean, compared to the republicans. the republicans are falling part and in complete, you know, clan war. whereas, as you had the previous democratic incumbent being the most impressive advocate for this democratic incumbent. whereas the republicans can't mention the guy who was their previous incumbent. and so i think -- >> george w. >> george w.
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)